Final sessions of Henleaze Library chess club

Posted by Kajetan on June 27th, 2015
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The time has come to break off for the summer. There will be one more session of chess club after today: next week, i.e. 4 July (but not a normal session: see below!)
The important announcement is that we will not be resuming chess club next year, which makes this and the next one our final chess club sessions. All things come to an end eventually and I feel that this is a good moment to stop. We have sowed the seeds of chess in Henleaze, so to speak, over the past two years and I hope this will serve as a foundation for children’s interest in chess and in coming to the library. Not to mention adults who were having to drive them there and younger siblings who were tagging along!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all children and parents for a great two years. On some Saturdays over this period, we saw as many as 25 children play chess in the library. We also had over 50 chess strategy lessons and more than 100 chess puzzles to solve. Handouts that were given out summarising these lessons now form a 100-page chess book, all the more personal for the fact that it’s entirely composed of material explored by the children in our training sessions.

To finish off on a fun note, the library will hold a simultaneous exhibition next Saturday, i.e. 4 July at 3pm. I will be playing everyone at the same time, and the event is open to all: it’s not restricted at all to chess club children, or indeed to children. Anyone who wants a game of chess and to test their skills against a chess instructor who will only have seconds to think is welcome to take part! It’s free to all of course, and no booking is necessary: just pop in at 3pm. (Club players up to grade 120 please: it’s a simul after all.)

And when we finish, I’ll donate some of the chess sets I’m using for the club to the library. So after 4 July, Henleaze Library will have some chess sets at the desk for everyone to use, just ask!

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Annoucement: December break at Henleaze Library Chess Club

Posted by Kajetan on November 29th, 2014
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As announced in the handouts, today was the last session of the Henleaze Library Chess Club this year. There will be no chess club in December at all.

For the first two weeks of the month the instructor will be busy organising children’s events at the London Chess Classic, and then it’s the holidays already! We’ll be back in the New Year: first chess club of 2015 is on Saturday 10 January.

Meanwhile, the latest handout has two holiday chess problems:

Christmas Cracker chess problem

Christmas Tree chess problem


Best wishes for the holiday season and see you all in January!

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Announcement: Henleaze Library Club closed on 25 October

Posted by Kajetan on October 18th, 2014
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The Henleaze Library Children’s Chess Club will not meet on the first Saturday of half-term, that is 25 October.

The instructor is running a half-day chess camp on that day (for which late entries are still accepted!).

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Chess Camp on first day of half-term (25 October)

Posted by Kajetan on September 20th, 2014
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I am organising a half-day chess camp on 25 October for children seriously interested in chess. Activities include group training sessions and a real tournament with chess clocks. In total 4 hours of professional chess camp from £35 per child which I hope everyone agrees is great value (the camp is actually from 9.45am to 2.30pm to allow for registration and lunch break).

There’s a catch however: in order to offer that price I have to set a minimum number of entrants. 10 children have to sign up for the camp to go on, so if you’re sending your child, please spread the word and tell your chess parent friends! :-)

Such group training sessions have a long tradition stemming from the so-called Soviet School of chess. Nowadays they are popular all over the world, particularly in the USA (where junior training is quite well developed) and European countries with chess traditions. Group sessions are beneficial on many levels. Stronger children improve their understanding through trying to share their ideas with weaker players (there is a big difference between kinda-sorta-getting something and being able to explain it to others: only the latter means one actually understands something thoroughly). Weaker players benefit from analysing together with stronger players and absorbing their strategies.

Tuition will be organised into four separate modules, each in a different area of chess. The tournament will be played over the whole half-day, matches interlacing with instruction sessions. This method keeps children’s interest by giving them enough time to immerse themselves in an activity but not enough to get bored before we go on to the next part.

We have booked two conference rooms at Redland Park UR Church, on the corner of Whiteladies Road and Redland Park in Redland (postcode is BS6 6SA). Please note that entry to conference rooms is from Redland Park, through a small yard. One room will be a waiting room for the parents with tables and refreshments.

All information and the registration form is here: Half-term_chess_camp . The form can be returned by post, e-mail or in person. With any questions you can call me directly on 0777 114 14 32 or e-mail .

I do hope to see you there! If there is interest, this may not be a one-off event.

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REMINDER: summer break at Henleaze Library Children’s Chess Club

Posted by Kajetan on July 11th, 2014
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Just to remind everyone, we’re on summer holidays now at the CSC Henleaze Library Children’s Chess Club!

Thank you to all the chilren who made this a memorable chess year at the Library. We’re back on Saturday 6 September, and the hours stay the same: from 3 to 4 pm.

I would also like to thank the Henleaze Library management and staff for their continued support. Thank you!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: no Library Club on 24 May

Posted by Kajetan on May 18th, 2014
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The Henleaze Library Children’s Chess Club will not meet on 24 May. We’re back on 31 May!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: facebook page has moved

Posted by Kajetan on May 16th, 2014
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My facebook page has moved from to!

I will no longer be connected in any way to

Please update your bookmarks and like the new page. Simplest is to click the facebook link to the right of this note.

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Library Club spring break

Posted by Kajetan on March 29th, 2014
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Announcement: The Chess in Schools and Communities Henleaze Library Children’s Chess Club will not meet on 12 and 19 April due to the Library closing for Easter holidays.

We do not stop for the whole half-term, however! So if you haven’t got anything else planned for Saturdays 5 and 26 April do drop in as the club will meet as normal on these days.

Just as a reminder, if you miss a session or lose a handout you can always get printable versions of past handouts by going to ‘Materials‘ in the main menu above. Solutions to past problems are also posted there, so be sure to check them out if you think you’ve solved the handout problems: some are much trickier than they look!

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Solutions for Library Club chess problems

Posted by Kajetan on January 4th, 2014
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I have now begun putting up solutions to chess problems from the weekly Henleaze Library Children’s Chess Club handouts.

Solutions for the two puzzles from the first handout are available and more will be added in due course.

They will be posted in the ‘Materials’ section above.

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Chess shop open!

Posted by Kajetan on December 21st, 2013
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I’m happy to announce that Kajetan’s Chess Lessons now has a chess books and equipment shop!

In proud partnership with, the UK’s leading online bookseller, I can now offer a very good stock of chess books and chess equipment at fantastic prices. Amazon handle the technical side of things, and you can browse and add items to your shopping basket without leaving my website.

The main advantage of this is that pupils from my library club and my clients now have everything in one place: from coaching materials to announcements to chess shopping, all conveniently placed.

To start browsing, just click on the ‘Shop‘ link above.

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